File of the Inmate S-543

The Temptress of Lambeth

Mai 30, 1793
Murder by neurotoxin
Death by beheading
Weapon of the Temptress Parfume

Grace story

Grace loved to be in the center of attention – already at the age of four she had managed to capture everyone around her. She was particularly good at wrapping her father around her finger. As a general in the British Army, he was rarely at home. But when he returned to his wife and daughter after several months of service, it was always a celebration for Grace. She was presented with the most fascinating things from all over the world: a small pocket watch from the German Empire, an ivory comb from the British Colonies or jewellery from the Empire of Napoleon. Her father treated her like a little princess and she enjoyed this attention to the full.

To her father’s regret, the attractiveness of his daughter grew as she grew older. And Grace also noticed that her charms fell on far more fertile ground with men other than her father. Soon it wasn’t just her father who brought her pretty little things. It wasn’t long before Grace had admirers from Second Lieutenant to Major General. Often the men were over fifteen years older than her, but that hardly bothered her. On the contrary. She hated having to put up with the neighborhood boys of the same age, who in her opinion were simple-minded. She, on the other hand, was far ahead of the other fourteen-year-olds.

She liked better the courtship of young Major Jonathan Wright. He was under her father’s command, and had been visiting them several times since her father no longer served directly at the front. At first there were small gifts, then again and again charming compliments. But he was never lewd in the process. But what gave Grace the greatest joy was the almost submissive obedience of Jonathan. She only had to jingle her big blue eyes, rustle her golden curls or raise her tender hand, Jonathan was ready to fulfill her every wish. Enraptured, Grace sent him from one end of London to the other to simply get her some candy. Jonathan obeyed and it didn’t matter to him that Grace was ten years younger than himself – the main thing was that he could be near her.

Major Wright was soon no more than a servile puppy and in time Grace made him feel that. She was bored of him and even worse, the obedient dog Jonathan could not offer her anything new. Unlike Colonel Peters, a more experienced soldier in the service of the British Crown. A little withdrawn and reserved, but quite handsome. For Grace, he was the new toy of choice, especially since Major Jonathan Wright was beginning to become unpleasantly attached. He had probably noticed her dwindling interest in him and was now doing everything he could to stop it. He became more and more intrusive and increasingly sought physical closeness to her. Eventually it was enough for Grace. The Major was just ballast that she wanted to get rid of as quickly as possible.

And so it happened that the young Major – when he was once again a guest of the family – met an extremely friendly and charming Grace who looked at him with promise. She even seemed to be in the mood for a little fun when she accidentally sprayed her perfume spray in his face. After a short time, however, Jonathan noticed a growing malaise. Already at the afternoon tea he could hardly stand on his feet, sweated heavily and could hardly breathe. Grace watched almost cheerfully as the color disappeared from Jonathan’s face, as he gasped more and more panicked for air and leaned desperately against the table. The worse Jonathan’s condition became, the more she felt the excitement rise. When her parents and bystanders noticed his condition and tried to help him, her excitement reached its peak. But for Jonathan any help came too late. He collapsed lifeless on the floor. And Grace? She was standing a bit off the scene and did not even try to hide her enraptured face.


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