Be part of the legend
Partnership for traders and bars

To the journey that is now ours. To the legends we carry inside us!

With the legend of “The Hanging Man”, we have made it our goal to be more than just an hand-crafted London Dry Gin. More than just superficial design and more than just one ingredient more. Simply more than comparable offers. A classic London Dry Gin meets the thrill of a suspenseful detective novel and creates an immersive experience that, in both digital and distilled form, takes you back to a time that was characterized by revolutionary quality standards in the field of high-end distillates: the London of the early 19th century.

“The Hanging Man” is a detail-loving homage to the value of the reduced, a suspenseful story of courage, intrigue and willpower and last but not least an ambitious project for which we are looking for partners: You!


Batch No. 1Why The Hanging Man?


  • Traditionally handmade near Würzburg
  • Deliberate reduction to 6 high-quality botanicals
  • Perfect taste from 1.5 years of development
  • Limited to 1,000 bottles per year/batch
  • High quality, consistent design and packaging
  • Immersive, multimedia storytelling incl. audio book
Partnership for traders and bars

Benefits at a glance

Be part of the legend

Add your chapter to the story and expand the legend with another exciting entry point: Yours.

Benefit from brand transfer

Surround your brand with attributes of the legend and benefit from the strong branding of The Hanging Man.

Receive fair conditions

Profit from fair resale prices and participate in the sale of the most thrilling London Dry Gin.

Use our promo material

Receive exclusive and individualised promotional materials on request, from digital assets to flyers and POS displays.

Anticipate on our coverage

Become an exclusive part of our corporate communication on our digital platforms on the web and on social media.

Contribute you and your ideas

Take an active part by sharing your creative and constructive input with us to grow together.

Interested in cooperation?

Please contact us at any time!