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Explore the mysterious world of the most thrilling London Dry Gin

The Keeper's tales

A Woman has many secrets, many women have one.

For far too long, this story was hidden in the shadows of a long journey. For far too long, the pleasure of courage, intrigue and willpower remained undiscovered. For far too long, the secret of the inmates of Newgate, the XXXXXXXXXhardest London women’s prison, remained unsolved. Until the day when the records of the prison warden 21/07 from cell block 31-69b in Newgate fell into the hands of the public. They gave a glimpse behind the walls of the prison, the creation of a strong secret and the most important ingredients for The Hanging Man London Dry Gin. But even this revealed secret has its price!

The Records
Warden 21/07

Death to the traitor

After the records had first appeared, they began to search for the strange Warden 21/07. According to reports, the warden was found hanged in the prison cellar one morning, only a few days after his last note. Which has since left a number of agonizing questions unanswered: Did the XXXXXXX inmates get onto his trail and kill him? Who else knew about his research? Was death the tribute he had to pay for revealing the secret?

The warden's story

The tortured women

According to legend, the recipe of The Hanging Man London Dry Gin has been refined over decades by the Inmates. Only this allowed them to survive the daily tortures of prison. Through the records of the Warden 21/07 it was finally possible to reconstruct some biographies of the women including their XXXXXXX stories.

The recipe's path

Cillians Pilgrimage

The few fragments known from London are difficult to merge into a completely concise picture. Newgate Prison was probably only the birthplace of The Hanging Man London Dry Gin. It is now to be found out, which stations the secret had to pass through and which impacts the Inmates’ recipe were further exposed to on its incredible journey.